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Ms Silvia Anastasia
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Mr Bernard E. Mallia Malta

Bernard Mallia is a researcher based in Malta.

He is the CEO and Director of Equinox Advisory, an independent, non-partisan private sector consultancy firm and the President of the Institute for Research and Improvement in Social Sciences (IRISS), a non-government think tank based in Malta. He is also the Vice-President of the Mediterranean Institute for Innovation, Communications and Technology (MIICT), another Malta-based research institute.

Bernard Mallia is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta and at the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Mr Bernard Mallia
Mr Bernard Mallia
LinkedIn logo President, IRISS; Vice-President, MIICT; CEO, Equinox Advisory; Visiting Lecturer, University of Malta 

Mug Engineering Turkey

MUG Engineering is an R&D company located in Ankara/TURKEY.

MUG provides

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Manufacturing
  • Method Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • R&D Services


to several industries.

MUG is confident that we have the ability and necessary skills to provide you a fast and efficient service for precision engineering parts as well as the high quality manufacturing solution that you require. Our precision engineering services are used for a variety of industries and includes CNC Turning, CNC Milling and CNC Molding.

Investment in the latest machinery and computer technology ensures that MUG maintains a competitive edge with realistic pricing. With CAD-CAM computer programs, we are able to fulfil customer requirements.


At each level we emphasise

  • Efficency
  • Quality
  • High performance


MUG intends to be dependable and easy to work with its clients from first enquiry to final delivery.

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Mr Can Akar
LinkedIn logo Business Developer 
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Municipality of Cesena Italy

Cesena is situated in Northern Italy within Emilia-Romagna Region, some 15km from the Adriatic coast. Together with Forlì it is the capital of the Forlì-Cesena district. The district has about 378,000 inhabitants in 30 municipalities. Cesena itself has a population of about 96,000.

A strategy for local sustainability is included in Cesena city council’s political programme for 2009-2014 (the Piano di mandato). The title of this strategy is ‘Sustainability as the lighthouse for every local policy’. It was adopted at a city council meeting in June 2009. This strategy re-establishes the objectives set out in the Local Action Plan designed during the Cesena Agenda 21 Forums in 2003.

Cesena objective for energy planning is:

Objective 20-20-20 : -20% gas carbon emissions, +20% use of renewable energy & 20% energy saving (EU Directive 20 20 20)

  • Establishing a society for renewable energies owned by the city council
  • Preparing and adopting an Energy Action Plan for the development of renewable energy sources
  • Zero impact public administration: the Municipality runs environmental best practices

The council has not yet adopted a specific local strategy or action plan for sustainable energy. However, since becoming a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors in November 2009 the city council has made a commitment to achieve a larger reduction in CO2 emissions than the EU target of 20%, though no specific target figure has yet been established. To achieve this and meet obligations under the Covenant, the city is designing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

Cesena municipality is thus

aiming to participate in projects focused on:

  •  energy efficiency in public buildings (in particular planning  actions to improve their operational efficiency through low-or-no-cost measures, effective commissioning or better operation and maintenance);
  • renewable electricity generation;
  • renewables for heating and cooling
  • smart energy networks. 
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Dr Lia Montalti
Councillor Environmental Sustainibility 
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Muş Alparslan University Turkey

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Dr İbrahim erdogan
Associate Prof. Dr.  

MystIC Microelectronics Turkey

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Dr Omer Can Akgun
LinkedIn logo CEO 
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National research council of italy Italy

Dr Diego Liberati
Research director 

National Technical University of Athens Greece

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Professor Anastasios Doulamis
Faculty Member 
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NCP Poland Poland

Mr Piotr Swierczynski
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NCP Wallonnie Belgium

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Mr Géraud Guilloud
NCP ICT & Security 
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