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For 15 years, Efficient Innovation contributed to the preparation and implementation of European and national RTD collaborative projects involving major industrial stakeholders concerned with production cost  optimisation.

This includes:

• A proven methodology adaptable to specific and complex RTD project helping industrial reconciling their cost objectives and their needs

• A two-stage cost-efficiency methodology using on one hand the diversity control diagnostic and on the other hand the product optimisation process. 

• Seeking new solutions will be considered after a depth and strong dual analysis in the first phase: 

      - The functional analysis

      - The value analysis

•  Examining and study the appropriate optimised solutions through creativity workshops, evaluation and selection of concepts, risks concepts analysis during the second phase.


• Industrials: Airbus, Calor, CIAT, Comap, Disneyland Paris, Michelin, Latécoère, Legrand, Legris Industries, Messier Bugatti, Parfums Christian Dior, St Gobain Recherche, Sagem Défense Sécurité, Siemens, SNR, Spit, Téfal, Thales Alenia Space

• SME market leaders: Askle, Berthoud, Medicatlantic, Rousseau

• Start-up companies gathered in collective actions

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