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Dr Abzetdin ADAMOV Azerbaijan

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Qafqaz University
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Mr Can Akar Turkey

MUG Engineering is an R&D company located in Ankara/TURKEY.

MUG provides

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Manufacturing
  • Method Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • R&D Services


to several industries.

MUG is confident that we have the ability and necessary skills to provide you a fast and efficient service for precision engineering parts as well as the high quality manufacturing solution that you require. Our precision engineering services are used for a variety of industries and includes CNC Turning, CNC Milling and CNC Molding.

Investment in the latest machinery and computer technology ensures that MUG maintains a competitive edge with realistic pricing. With CAD-CAM computer programs, we are able to fulfil customer requirements.


At each level we emphasise

  • Efficency
  • Quality
  • High performance


MUG intends to be dependable and easy to work with its clients from first enquiry to final delivery.

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Mug Engineering
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Dr Ceyhun Burak Akgul Turkey

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Dr Ceyhun Burak Akgul
Vistek ISRA Vision
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Dr Omer Can Akgun Turkey

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MystIC Microelectronics
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Professor Sedef Akgungor Turkey

DEU (http://www.deu.edu.tr/DEUWeb/English/) is located in 8 different campuses in Izmir. It has 10 faculties, 10 graduate schools, 8 vocational schools, school of music and 6 research centres. It is a progressive, comprehensive institution committed to excellence in education, research and public service.

DEU Faculty of Business in which the research team is affiliated with has five departments: Business Administration; Economics; International Relations; Tourism Management and International Business and Commerce. In all departments, the language of instruction is English.  An active concern for current issues in economics and business is demonstrated through faculty’s involvement in research and consulting with industry and other institutions at the National and international level. The Faculty also encourages close cooperation with prestigious regional, national and international academic institutions through Erasmus programmes and bilateral agreements.

The research interests of the staff at the Department of Economics are as wide as containing, regional development, agricultural economics, international economics, European Union and relations with the European Union, economic integration, globalization, and the current economic development in Turkey and the world. The academic staff at the Department of Economics is currently involved in European Union funded projects, such as ESF-Eurocores, Cost and ESF-European Collaborative Research Project (ECRP) and FP7 projects. The Department is currently a partner in a FP7 project (FLABEL (“Food Labelling to Advance Better Education for Life”)). The research team has experience in many international projects and has participated in EU research consortiums since 2005.

Professor Sedef Akgungor
Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Business
LinkedIn logo Professor 
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Mr M. Taner Aktas Turkey

GIS Fusion is where a unique fusion of technology, knowledge, and innovation come together for the purpose of generation of new collective knowledge, forming asymmetric skills, creation of new emerging technologies and introducing disruptive innovations. GIS Fusion is designed to connect people and ideas, spark initiatives and drive partnerships.




GIS Fusion is established in 2002 in Florida, USA. Since then, GIS Fusion provides consultancy services to many American institutions in engineering, R&D and technological innovation projects. Recently, the company moved its headquarters to Turkey. Areas of expertise include geospatial & location technology and information & communication technology (ICT) projects and applications in environmental, transportation, public utilities, oil & gas, energy, forestry, space and defense industries.

GIS Fusion provides innovation services, technology solutions and professional consultancy services. Areas of expertise include geo-information systems (GIS), spatial data infrastructure (SDI), building information modeling (BIM), construction informatics, intelligent transport systems (ITS), 3D point cloud data management and LiDAR data processing, fusing A/E/C design and build processes with geospatial and location technologies.


GIS Fusion has extensive experience in solutions that helped several municipal, state & private agencies successfully overcome their most challenging geospatial obstacles throughout the world. GIS Fusion has experience doing business in United States, Germany, Italy & Turkey.

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Mr M. Taner Aktas
GIS Fusion
LinkedIn logo Founder & CEO of GIS Fusion 
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Dr Nuran Akyurt Turkey

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Marmara University
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Mrs Berrak Alkan Yılmaz Belgium

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Regional Representative 

Ms Tanya Allen United Kingdom

Pera Consulting has a long, proven track record delivering public-sector programmes all over the world. Working closely and collaboratively with our clients, we bring a wealth of experience and thought leadership to help put policy into practice and achieve defined goals. Our approach is consultative, tailored to each situation, and integrated to overall economic strategy.

Working with regional, national and international agencies and government departments, we deliver policy objectives and leverage public sector investment, creating business growth, jobs for the economy, and better-served communities. A trusted partner with an established reputation, we offer continuity of service, but believe in creating robust programmes that are self-sustaining and leave a lasting legacy.


Economic Development, Technical Assistance, Capacity Building, Raising Investment

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Pera Consulting (UK) Ltd
LinkedIn logo Head of Marketing & Communications 
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