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Professor Igor Grabec
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XLAB d.o.o. Slovenia

XLAB Research is recognized as one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. XLAB Research employs 36 people, where 4 have a PhD in Computer Science, 7 have Master's degrees and 9 are post-graduate students. Altogether the whole company’s team consists of 61 experts in the field of computer science, electronics and mathematics, with an access to additional expert resources (around 10 to 20 experts).

Expertise: we have experience in GIS data analysis, visualization and integration; natural disaster simulations, especially hydrographical; emergency response support and training; high-volume information processing, integration and analysis. The company also has experts in the fields of distributed systems, where we focus on Cloud computing (connectors to Cloud platforms, SLA, PaaS implementations) and their security, reliability and dependability.

Mr Mariano Cecowski
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