C Tech Bilisim Turkey

C Tech Bilisim Teknolojileri A.S. (C2Tech) is an R&D based SME located in the Technology Free Zone of TUBITAK, Istanbul, Turkey.  C2TECH is a solution provider in information technologies that has brought together specialists with profound experience and qualified infrastructure. C2Tech is specialized in design, development, and system integration of; Network Packet Processing and Cyber Defense, Modeling and Simulation, Multi Sensor Information Fusion, Video Streaming, Enterprise Network and Security Solutions.

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Dr Faruk SARI
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Cankaya University Turkey

My research interests broadly lie in signal processing and pattern recognition with applications to image/video analysis and communication systems. My research is focused on developing novel algorithms and techniques to analyze the content of signals and to extract meaningful information from multitude of sensors including but not limited to visible and infra-red cameras, microphones, passive infra-red sensors, vibration sensors and spectrum sensors for wireless communications.


Signal processing

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Dr Behcet Ugur Toreyin
Dr Behcet Ugur Toreyin
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Castilla y León Innovation Agency Belgium

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Caucasus Research Resource Centers of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation Armenia

The Caucasus Research Resource Centers program (CRRC) is a network of resource, research and training centers established in the capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the goal of strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus. 

A partnership between the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), the program's outcomes are to increase the accessibility of high-quality research resources, to strengthen capacity and, to increase the dialogue and collaboration between social science researchers and policy practitioners. 

Since the opening of the Centers in 2003, CRRC has become a nexus of activity for the South Caucasus social science community by providing open access to fundamental literature, data, and professional training for social science researchers. The centers will make it easier for researchers to pursue original work, to base their research on actual transition data, and to participate in the growing domestic policy research community.

Dr Heghine Manasyan
Country Director 
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CDTI Belgium

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Dr Marina Martinez
Programme Officer 
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Centre for Irish and European Security Ireland

The Centre for Irish and European Security (CIES) 

The CIES since its inception in 2008 has offered expert independent research in the field of Irish and European aviation, civil and border security. Most recently our research has been directed towards embedding ethical themes into security technology implementation.

The CIES is the only Irish SME of its kind delivering expert security research input into the European market. The company has harnessed its unique position in the Irish marketplace to forge strong lasting collaborative relationships with a diverse blend of research centres, academic institutions and companies based in Ireland and abroad.

Moreover, the CIES has fostered collaborative partnerships with leading civil liberty campaigners and academics from the UK and, where appropriate, calls upon their input to various tasks and projects.


 Societal Impact: A new research approach  

The CIES has been at the centre of the recent drive towards integrating a mandatory societal impact dimension into European funded security research. CIES advises prospective collaborative partners at the pre-proposal stage wherein stringent, binding societal commitments must be met.

European funded projects

In addition, we participate on an ongoing basis in European funded projects under the Framework Seven Programme (FP7), offering expert research on the ethical and societal impact of new security technology as well as policy integration and dissemination activities.

Ultimately security research is the main process that determines the feasibility and sustainability of new security technology and techniques. A vital feature of this research is its societal suitability: Who is ultimately being served by new security technology and is it proportional?

The societal (or human) aspect of security research establishes links between implementation and research. It is the latters aim to ultimately serve the former, but without an end-user dimension at all research levels, security research output may not be fit for purpose at best or discriminatory at worst.


 Current Research Agenda

 The CIES is currently committed to four European funded security projects; two of which have begun, and the other two of which are due to begin in January 2013.  In addition the CIES and its collaborative partners submit research proposals for future funding on an ongoing basis..  

2012-2015: PACT (Public perception of security and privacy: Assessing knowledge, Collecting evidence, Translating research into action)

Is a three-year collaborative project, seeking to understand the complex interaction between privacy and security, the themes which feed into it and through a panEuropean survey articulate Europeans perceptions of the interaction between security and privacy.  

The CIES has already contributed (along with Uppsala University) to one deliverable, the link to which can be found here: http://www.projectpact.eu/deliverables/wp1-root-branch-review/d1.4-social-impact-report

Homepage:     http://www.projectpact.eu/         

2012-2014: ETTIS (European Security Threats and Trends in Society)

A EU FP7 collaborative research project focused on identifying and assessing opportunities for enhancing societal security, improving situation awareness and informing investment options for societal security. ETTIS aims to construct a comprehensive framework, which can be used in the formulation of future decisions and security policies.             

Homepage: http://ettis-project.eu/


Employee Profiles

 Sadhbh McCarthy is co-founder & Director of the CIES

Sadhbh, having originally worked exclusively in the IT sector, is now an independent consultant working at policy level in Ireland and Europe.  As a participant within the European Security Research Programme (ESRP & prior to that in the PASR) she is familiar not only with the content of security research but also with the objectives, priorities and political sensitivities that are key considerations across the sector.  Moreover, she has a proven track record of delivering in terms of stakeholder and public buy-in and has extensive experience at national and European level in multiple sectors. She balances her commitments at the CIES with advisory board roles in European projects, NGOs & private companies across Ireland.

email: sadhbh@cies.ie

Senior Associates

Operations & Programme Manager

 Peter McNulty has over 20 years experience as a senior IT consultant and project manager working mostly in the financial services industry in Ireland and the UK. He was previously Head of IT Development for the Lending Division of a leading UK bank before setting up his own company to provide consultancy services on retail lending products and systems. He has successfully delivered numerous complex programmes working closely with consultants from all over the world and developed a full support methodology for managing complex projects

email: peter@cies.ie


Communications Director

Orla Aungier has over 20 years experience as a Localisation Programme and Site Manager in the multi national IT sector in Ireland. She has managed a central services organisation across a range of disciplines including project management, with responsibilities in forecasting and management of the annual multi-million dollar budget as well as internal financial management and planning.  More recently she undertook Operations Management as well as a Communications & PR role for a leading Irish NGO.  Orla’s expertise in fostering strategic relationships on behalf of her clients has delivered significant business & funding growth.

email: orla@cies.ie

Junior Researcher

Daniel Deering has worked with CIES since April 2012. He holds an MSc in Applied Economics from The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelors degree in Economics from University College Dublin. His current research focuses on the intersection between civil liberties, privacy and security technology. His other research interests include human rights, the value of social capital in human development and civil society and government dynamics in repressive states.


email: daniel.deering@cies.ie


Admin: admin@cies.ie



Ms Sadhbh McCarthy
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Miss Eleni Chalkia
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CNRS France

ingénieure support 
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Coventry University United Kingdom

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Professor Gary Hall
Professor of Media and Performing Arts 
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Coventry University United Kingdom

Coventry is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education and applied research. Three words set us apart - employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship. Coventry University was 'Highly Commended' in the Entrepreneurial University of the Year category at the Times Higher Awards 2008. We're investing heavily in developing our state-of-the-art facilities with £160m earmarked for improvements over the next ten years. We seek to enhance the strong vocational emphasis of our courses and bolstering our links with the very best industry organisations.

Two research centres are involved in this FP7: The Centre for Disruptive Media and The Centre for Peace & Reconciliation Studies. Coventry University has significant experience leading and partnership in FP7 projects.

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Chas Morrison
Research Fellow 
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