ORSAM (Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies) Turkey

Mr Oytun Orhan

ORSAM (Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies) Turkey

Dr Tuğba Evrim Maden
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Ortadoğu Teknopark A.Ş. (METUTECH) Turkey

METU Technopolis (METUTECH) is the first, most innovative, and the largest science park in Turkey. It supports the creation of synergy between industry, university and public institutions through infrastructural/structural opportunities developed for academicians, researchers and companies using/producing technology. Combining METU’s (Middle East Technical University) research capacity and information pool with the innovative capacity of entrepreneurs, METUTECH has created a momentum in Turkey’s technology accumulation; it has become a successful model with its management experiences and projects for the formation of both the legal frame and the development of other science parks in Turkey.


METUTECH has reached to a scale of 282 firms, %89 of which are SME’s, employing more than 3750 personnel and carrying out R&D activities in a 87.000 m2 enclosed area, in a 10 years period with only using its own resources.  METUTECH aims to become one of the world’s leading technology development regions in 10 years time.

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Miss Azer Cakiroglu
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Oxford Brookes University United Kingdom

Construction & Project Management group brings together an international team of experts in different fields of construction. A primary focus is on application of intelligent knowledge-based decision support and knowledge creation and diffusion techniques in the industry. We are also developing a major new area of work in sustainable construction and green jobs creation. The group undertakes both fundamental and applied research that provides the construction industry and policy makers with innovative decision making tools and solutions for planning, procuring and delivering construction projects and services that maximise economic, social and environmental benefits to society

Dr Esra Kurul
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Paragon Europe Belgium

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Ms Cristina Bonafé
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Pera Consulting (UK) Ltd United Kingdom

Pera Consulting has a long, proven track record delivering public-sector programmes all over the world. Working closely and collaboratively with our clients, we bring a wealth of experience and thought leadership to help put policy into practice and achieve defined goals. Our approach is consultative, tailored to each situation, and integrated to overall economic strategy.

Working with regional, national and international agencies and government departments, we deliver policy objectives and leverage public sector investment, creating business growth, jobs for the economy, and better-served communities. A trusted partner with an established reputation, we offer continuity of service, but believe in creating robust programmes that are self-sustaining and leave a lasting legacy.


Economic Development, Technical Assistance, Capacity Building, Raising Investment

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Mr Nicolas Garnier
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Ms Rebecca Littlewood
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Ms Tanya Allen
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Queen Mary University London United Kingdom

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Dr Luce Jacovella






Curriculum vitae

Position  in the project   : Professor of Transportation Engineering -Building  Social &Engineering Ontologies /Innovation Social & Self-Awareness Technologies/  Adviser 


Contact details:


Bvd. Independentei nr 21, Bloc b1-5, Sc-4, Et-3, Ap-6

Iasi , Code :700105


Tel : 40-723-858-080



Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi

Faculty of Civil Engineering

43 Professor Dimitrie  Mangeron  Street

IASI , Code: 700075


Tel.+ 40-723-858-080

Email: radu.andrei.d@gmail.com



1.      Family name:      ANDREI

2.      First names:       RADU

3.      Date of birth:      13.01. 1944

4.      Nationality:         ROMANIAN

5.      Civil status:        Married

6.      Education:         

Institution [ Date from - Date to ]

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Technical University”Gh. Asachi” Iasi- Romania - January 1990- November  1995

PhD in Civil Engineering

Technical University for Constructions  Bucharest, 1973

MSc in Road Traffic Engineering and Motorways

Technical University for Constructions  Bucharest  Romania - October 1961-March 1967

Diplomat  Road and Bridge Engineer 





Additional Education/trainings:

Institution [ Date from - Date to ]


National  Academy of Sciences /  NAS;American Association for  Highway and Transportation Officials AASHTO/Federal  Highway Administration

 FHWA, USA [1992…1993]

 “ Diploma  in Recognition  of Dedicated  Service and Significant Contribution Brought to the Development of the Strategic Highway Research Program –SHRP “


World Bank, Washington D.C. January-June  1993

Certificate/  on World Bank  Procurement Policies

Westfield College /University of London , UK [1977]

Diploma on English for  Business




7.       Language skills:  Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - basic; 5 - excellent)

























8.      Membership of professional bodies:

*  1995…2002 : Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories - FEHRL :  Romanian  representative, Member of the   Board of Directors


*  Since 1995 : Certified as   National Expert in  Transport  Infrastructure Engineering  by the Ministry of Public Works , in Romania


*  1997…2000:   Transport Research Board/ TRB/ DWAG : Data analysis Working Group , Washington  D.C. USA, Member of  the Steering Committee , ( First  TRB Mandate)


* 2000…2003: Transport Research Board/ TRB/ DWAG : Data analysis Working Group , Washington  D.C. USA, Member of  the Steering Committee ,   (Second  TRB Mandate);


* 2003…2006: Transport Research Board/ TRB/ DWAG : Data analysis Working Group , Washington  D.C. USA, Member of  the Steering Committee , ( Third  TRB  Mandate) ;


* 2003-2006  : Romanian  Professional  Association for Roads  & Bridges  Member of the Steering Committee


* 2003…2009:  International Association for  Rehabilitation of  Transport Infrastructures – ISMARTI  : Founding member 


* 2003…2007 : Permanent  Association of Road Congresses-PIARC-  Representative of Romania and member of the  Technical Committee TC 4,5 ; Earthworks, drainage and  sub grades


*2006…2010  European Science Foundation ESF/ COST Office, Brussels, Belgium, / Domain Committee DC- TUD : Transport  & Urban Development :  Romanian representative and  member of DC-TUD


* 2007-2011 Romanian  Représentative and Membre of the  PIARC Technical Committee TC3 : Management of risk  in  transport infrastructure


* 2012…2015 Romanian  Representative and Member of the  PIARC Technical Committee D4.2, Road pavements


9.      Other skills:  (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.)

   Good proficiency in the use of   computer  programs: Word, Excel, Power Point, KENSLAB, KENPAVE, ME-PDG, etc

10.              Present position: Professor of Highway   Engineering &  Founder of the Research Centre          for Geotechnics, Foundations and Modern Transportation Infrastructure “ Dimitrie Atanasiu” Technical University “ Gh. Asachi” Iasi , Romania

11.               Years within the firm:15                

12.   Key qualifications:  (Relevant to the assignment)


·         Extensive project management experience in and outside the EU; Experience in co-coordinating multidisciplinary  and multicultural  project teams, as  UN Expert for Trans-European North-South Motorway-TEM project,  director of EU  educational or   research grants ( Leonardo projects),  Team Leader in ongoing  STREP EU Research projects ( Ecolanes) or Team Member ( Asset Roads,  etc)

·         External International  Expert of  Trans-European  Transport Network –Executive Agency :TEN-EA in Brussels for  independent evaluation of  road & motorway  projects , submitted by applicants  in the frame of the 2009 TEN-T Calls for Proposals – CONTRACT  NUMBER CTR-090520-TEA.Road-178-5

Trans –European Transport Network Executive Agency ( TEN-EA)

Square Frere Orban 10, B-1049 Brussels, BELGIUM

E-mail: tenea-call-experts2009@ec.europa.eu

·         Technical  Adviser  for  the County Council  of IASI  for the Bidding  Commission  for awarding the  road   rehabilitation  projects DJ 248 Iasi-Vaslui   & DJ Neamt-Pascani-Suceava , year 2009/2010

·         Knowledge of Life  Cycle Cost  Assessment for roads  ,  World Bank & EU procurement contracting procedures and project proposal evaluation, Terms of Reference writing and Grant Scheme management

·         General subject-areas of expertise: Ontologies for  Civil Engineering, Social Ontologies for Communication,  Ontology & Communication Technics / Master Course, Land Transportation  Engineering Studies,  Road Engineering Technologies,  Geometric and Structural Design for Roads & Bridges,  Management of  Transport Infrastructure, Design of  Special Transportation Structures, Pavement  Management Systems- PMS, Bridge Management Systems-BMS,  Integrated  PMS/BMS Systems

·         Relevant expertise in developing and implementing Pavement Management  Systems, Bridge Management Systems and Integrated PMS/BMS systems  at  national level in the frame of European  funded  AMTRANS programs  in Romania

·         Trainer in Grant Scheme Management; trainer in WB and EU procurement rules and contracting procedures

·         Experience in designing and  setting up Regional and National  Road Laboratories,   Transport  Infrastructure Research Centers  (NRA CESTRIN, etc) and  other research facilities ( Research Centre CCGOFIMIT  -Technical University of  Iasi, etc)f /training programmes for governmental bodies and NGOs

·         Accredited Rapporteur , by ESF/Brussels COST Office  for the  ongoing  European research projects COST 350, COST 352, COST 356, COST C19


Professor Radu ANDREI
Professor Radu ANDREI
Inventics and innovative adviser 
Area of Interest

S.I.A. srl Italy

Davide Vietri
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Dr Yucel Saygin
Assoc. Prof.