Sabanci University Turkey

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Gonca Girit Mcdaniel
Project Development Specialist 

Sabanci University Turkey

Department-free by design and unique in its scope and organization in Turkey, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is an interdisciplinary home to degree programs that range from visual arts and visual communication design to cultural studies, social and political studies through conflict analysis and resolution, economics and history.

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Dr Emre Hatipoglu
Dr Emre Hatipoglu
Visiting Assistant Professor Netherlands is a research- and consulting firm focused on effective and efficient innovation by networkorganizations. contributes to successful innovation projects through a variety of consultancy services. For an innovative product or service, multiple business model options will be developed and next translated in financial terms. During the implementation of an innovation project, benefits – as foreseen in the business case – will be monitored and if necessary recommendation for optimizing benefits will be formulated. The scientific research of is dedicated to the improvement of performance of networkorganizations, efficient use of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and effective communication in innovation ecosystems.

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Dr Irma Borst
LinkedIn logo Consultant/researcher 
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SmartSoft Turkey

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Eren Göktaş
Investment Project Supervisor 


Miss Virginia Esteban
Assitant Manager 
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Spanish Guardia Civil Spain

Spanish GC is a the main Police Force un Spain. 

We have a great experience in participating in EU Projects. 

I work in the Innovation Service as Project Maneger. 

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Ms Puerto Solar Calvo
Project Officer 

SSM Belgium

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Mrs Berrak Alkan Yılmaz
Regional Representative 

Staffordshire University United Kingdom

The Creative Communities Unit (CCU) at Staffordshire University (UK) is keen to partner internationally.

The CCU has wide expertise in issues related to community engagement, local service provision and design and the evaluation of community and regeneration programmes and security and community resilience.

We currently have projects including -

1. social innovation - "temporary structure" and "self-organising"projects in East London (as piloted near the 2012 Olympic Park), and -

2. community resilience in fast changing urban contexts (viewing East London, South Side Chicago etc.).We wish to develop further with reference to innovation, community resilience and megacrises. 

We have been involved in EU programmes and currenty have a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project concerning social housing and tenant engagement.

Professor Brian Jacobs
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TEAM INTELLECT – Neviana Boumbarova (lone entrepreneur) was established in 1992 at Sofia, Bulgaria, to develop electronic products that require innovative approach. The Information & Communication Technology was discovered as a perspective field to put efforts in it. The company is wholly Bulgarian and independent. Mrs. Neviana Boumbarova is the Manager / Owner of the company.


R&D of electronic products under custom’s requirements

- Hardware, Firmware, PC Software

-  Prototypes manufacturing

- Preparing for mass production, Costs Optimization

-  Systems Integration

Industrial design:

-  Product’s Design – Shape & Color Design, Packaging Design

-  Environment design – working environment, places for elder people or for people with special needs, children with disabilities


Product management / Project Management

Technical Documentation Writing

Workshops Organization

Staff Training



Electronic Modules for RFID Identification and Door Control

Electronic Modules for GSM Communication in Lifts

Systems for Process Automation (water, energy, construction, oil&gas platforms, hydraulic products, plants for different kind of products)

Software -Custumized Data Base Management

Algorithms - Image Processing, Face Recognition, Eyes Control

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Mrs Neviana Boumbarova
LinkedIn logo Manager 


TeamNet profile and competence

 TeamNet International was established in 2001 and is member of the ASESOFT group. With offices in Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Ploiesti and international locations in Brussels and Chisinau, TeamNet International comes to meet the needs of all its worldwide customers, regardless of their location. TeamNet has also partner locations in Belgrade and Ankara.  We are also a Research – Development Unit accredited in 2008 by the National Authority for Scientific Research. 

We are a complex organization with expert teams proficient in various types of assignments and is constantly investing in innovation and is bringing to the market innovative products as a result of its constant desire of being always aware of the latest technologies and to offer the best current solution. The TeamNet team holds over 1000 certifications.

 European Experience:

TeamNet International is among the few private companies in Romania that have been involved in cutting-edge research within the European Commission's 6th Framework Program. Through the Coopers project, coordinated by AustriaTech, we aimed the implementation of various measures in order to enhance traffic safety at European levels. Currently, TeamNet International implements an innovative project in order to develop a Cloud Computing platform. The purpose of the project is the knowledge development for both fundamental and as well as advanced research, thus increasing the performance of IT services. TeamNet International is also active in FP 7 research European projects. The AMITRAN project will develop a framework for the evaluation of ICT measures in transport on energy efficiency. By doing so, it will contribute to the development of ICT solutions that allow more efficient (multimodal) goods transport and passenger mobility, thus reducing CO2 emissions in transport.


TeamNet provides complex integrated solutions which are fully customizable depending on the customer requirements. We offer complete integration solutions. The area of solutions covers a variety of activities, such as: Complete and complex informational solutions implementation (software, hardware, communication); Software solutions development and implementation; Personnel training and certifications; Warranty, maintenance and post-implementation support; Professional Project Management Services; Consultancy in order to obtain financing.

Experience  in developing integrated IT systems:Complex databases; Maximum data security; Flexible reporting in various formats; Complex communication systems linking individual beneficiaries through a secure platform, ensuring their efficient interconnection; Data accessibility to population by ensuring the transparency of processes and their alignment with the EU legislation; E-learning systems; Cloud computing, GIS analysis, GPS Tracking systems of the mobile units.

 Our projects and competence in the Security area:

EMERGENCY Calls - Integrated system for emergency service

Beneficiary: The Dolj Emergency Situations County Inspectorate              

Purpose: Providing the necessary solution for an emergency service in order to raise the response capacity to all persons in danger, anywhere within the Romanian territory.

Some of the system competence: Coordinates the operations for the operational teams (police, fire-fighters, ambulance, search and rescue teams),Provides information on the spot: topographical maps, surface maps, aerial and satellite images, vector maps, search algorithms, etc.; Complete geo-referenced solution, integrated with mobile units tracking GPS systems.

 SIRENE -Integrated Information System for the exchange of information regarding the battle against trans-border criminality

Beneficiary: Ministry of Administration and Interior Affaires, The International Police Cooperation Center

Purpose: To develop a consultancy and analysis project in order to create the SIRENE application and to technically endow the SIRENE Office, likewise auditing the entire implementation procedure.

Some of the system competence: Internal Portal – a centralized point of access for all users to the SIRENE integrated system;Documents management system – Managing additional information regarding alerts: folders, documents, internal notifications, workflows management. National Forms – Web-based application through which the national institutions can fill-in online national forms;Timesheets – In order to ensure the operational coordination of the SIRENE Offices personnel, this module manages working hours thus ensuring the availability of the personnel to fulfil their tasks; Work instruction management – The subsystem will allow the management of SIRENE specific work procedures, including the SIRENE manual, the national and international legislation, the news and the necessary contacts; Reports and statistics; Integration – The integration module manages the communication between the SIRENE and SINS systems and the national systems.

 VISA- National Integrated System for Visa

Beneficiary: Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry 

Purpose: The alignment of Romania to the Schengen visa policy acquis and the preparation for the improvement of the national visa applications processing system for the compliance with the European Union Visa Information System (VIS).

The system covers three major areas: The visa information management system; The hardware infrastructure required to support the IT system; The services provided to the beneficiaries in order to achieve optimal results from the system implementation.

Services provided: Back-office software support infrastructure allows the operation of the system in a multi-user environment and within a network; Complete server hardware architecture allows the operation of the system software architecture; Hardware infrastructure components for the consulates; Training the trainers, the end users and the administrators, including through the use of an eLearning portal;

 CRIMINAL DATA ANALYSIS IT SYSTEM – Management of commercial and investigation information

Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice, The Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Department

Purpose: The development of an IT system used for the management of commercial and investigation information outside the responsibility area of the Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Department. 

System competence: Design/administration of the specific analysis database; Design/administration of the connections with external databases, other than the analysis database; The acquisition, structuring and storage of data from various external file formats in the analysis database; Visual analysis tool; Generation of relational maps; Using the ad-hoc data; Viewing the results of the analysis (viewing the relational maps) required for the results dissemination process.

MONEY LAUNDERING PREVENTION - Integrated system for fraud prevention

Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice, The National Office for the Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering,

Purpose: A solution created in order to answer the needs in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism acts. It is a state of the art system which ensures the employees of the law departments the instruments required for optimizing the process for preventing infractions and crimes.

System competence: Financial analysis workflows, covering the entire evolution cycle for a case; Disseminating the cases to the responsible authorities (PICCJ, SRI, IGPR);Monitoring the evolution of cases through reporting and logging tools; Increasing the efficiency of the Information Analysis and Processing Department workflows.


Beneficiary: The Romanian Naval Authority

Purpose: Developing a vessel traffic monitoring and information system established to enhancing the safety and efficiency of maritime traffic, improving the response of authorities to incidents, accidents or potentially dangerous situations at sea.

Some of the system competence: Ship Notification: This is used to provide SafeSeaNet with details of a ship's positioning, voyage and cargo information. Notifications are based on Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages sent automatically by the ships through very high frequency (VHF) radio signals, and received by coastal stations within range. Information includes ship identification, course, speed, and cargo. PortPlus Notification: This is used to notify SafeSeaNet that a specific vessel is bound for a particular port. The following information is recorded. Actual Time of Arrival and Departure (ATA/ATD) are highly important for the system to be able to calculate the fair share or the amount of inspections that each MS has to conduct. Hazmat Information is used to notify SafeSeaNet that a given vessel carries hazardous materials - dangerous or polluting goods - on board, and that the data provider has detailed information on these goods. Incident Report: This is used to notify SafeSeaNet on a specific incident. Incidents might be related to ship safety and seaworthiness (e.g. collisions), the environment (e.g. pollution incidents), or other pre-defined categories (e.g. banned ships, ships not reporting according to rules). GIS-Offers real time images of the maritime vessels positions within the Romanian territorial waters

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Ms Mara Diaconu
LinkedIn logo European Affairs Advisor