Marmara University Turkey



French and English very good and fluent

EILTS degree 8.00.



Academic Degrees


  • M.D. 1988
  • Medical practitioner  in Sarıyer Community Medical center 1988-1989
  • Degree medical specialization (Family Medicine). (Resident) MoH Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital. 1990- 1994.
  • Family Physician and teacher of  the family planning department in MoH Zeynep Kamil  Training and Research Hospital. 1994-1997
  • Family Physician and Family Practice Residency Program Vice-Coordinator of MoH Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. (Family Medicine) Marmara University Health Education faculty 1999-2007
  • Associate Professor Dr. (Family Medicine) Marmara University Faculty of Health Sciences 2007-current

  • Bachelor degree from Anadolu University Faculty of Economics. 2007.
  • Master Degree: Marmara University, Health Administration Msc 2002-2005

Doctoral degree: Marmara University, Hospital Administration Phd.2006-2010.

Career Goals and Professional Interests


Quantitative Methods in Health Care Management, Cost Utility And Minimization Calculation in Chronic Diseases. Health Economics, Qaly And Cost Benefit Calculation in Health Care Delivery, Biostatistics, Hospital Management, Health And Primary Care Administration. Primary Care Health Mangement, Health Economy, Population Health Problems In Turkey And Biostatistic Analyses. Measure Of Quality Outcomes, Identification Of Cost Effeciencies, Health System Regulation, Planning Preventive Measures In Primary Care, Payment And Innovation And Organisational Change In Family Practice,  Economic And Social Determinants Of Health And Quality Of Life, Productivity In Health 

Organisation Type
Professor Aysegul Kaptanoglu
Professor Aysegul Kaptanoglu
Assoc. Prof. 

Middle East Technical University Turkey

Dr. Alptekin Temizel is assistant professor in the Graduate School of Informatics, Middle East Technical University the principal investigator of the Virtual Reality and Computer Vision Research Group, NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Centre and CUDA Research Centre. His current research interests are video surveillance, anomaly detection from video, crowd behaviour analysis and GPU computing.

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Dr Alptekin Temizel
LinkedIn logo Assistant Professor 
Area of Interest

Ministry for European Union Affairs Turkey

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Mr Umut Azak
Jr. Expert 

MOI-Turkish National Police Turkey

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Chief of Bureau-Inspector 
Area of Interest

Mug Engineering Turkey

MUG Engineering is an R&D company located in Ankara/TURKEY.

MUG provides

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Manufacturing
  • Method Engineering
  • Consultancy
  • R&D Services


to several industries.

MUG is confident that we have the ability and necessary skills to provide you a fast and efficient service for precision engineering parts as well as the high quality manufacturing solution that you require. Our precision engineering services are used for a variety of industries and includes CNC Turning, CNC Milling and CNC Molding.

Investment in the latest machinery and computer technology ensures that MUG maintains a competitive edge with realistic pricing. With CAD-CAM computer programs, we are able to fulfil customer requirements.


At each level we emphasise

  • Efficency
  • Quality
  • High performance


MUG intends to be dependable and easy to work with its clients from first enquiry to final delivery.

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Mr Can Akar
LinkedIn logo Business Developer 
Area of Interest

National research council of italy Italy

Dr Diego Liberati
Research director 

NCP Poland Poland

Mr Piotr Swierczynski
Area of Interest

NCP Wallonnie Belgium

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Mr Géraud Guilloud
NCP ICT & Security 
Area of Interest

Northrop Grumman ESI Belgium

Organisation Type
Ms Wiame Legsai
Area of Interest

Northumbria University United Kingdom

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Dr Lynne Coventry
Director of Pact