MystIC Microelectronics Turkey

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Dr Omer Can Akgun
LinkedIn logo CEO 
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National research council of italy Italy

Dr Diego Liberati
Research director 

National Technical University of Athens Greece

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Professor Anastasios Doulamis
Faculty Member 
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NCP Wallonnie Belgium

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Mr GĂ©raud Guilloud
NCP ICT & Security 
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North Sweden European Office Belgium

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Mr Johan Leymann
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Northumbria University United Kingdom

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Dr Lynne Coventry
Director of Pact 

Northumbria University United Kingdom

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Dr ilias vlachos
LinkedIn logo Senior Lecturer 

Octopux Consulting Belgium

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Mr Serge Renneboog
Financial Director 

Octopux Consulting Belgium

Octopux is a results-oriented, client-first consultancy whose independence allows us to find tailor-made packages that cater directly to our clients’ needs and deliver results in an efficient and effective manner.

The result is that our clients and our team get the very best resources, the best know-how and the best results. We mainly offer eight distinct services for our clients:

  • EU-funded projects
  • Project management
  • training and coaching
  • EU Lobbying
  • International networking
  • Market analysis
  • Business and scenario planning
  • Exploitation of project outcomes

Located at the heart of Europe, Octopux Consulting is a young consultancy company that not only designs and engineers projects, but helps clients optimising their access to EU funding. Thanks to our fresh ideas and passion-driven attitude, we deliver custom-made solutions by committing ourselves to the highest professional standards. Because INNOVATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS!

Our proximity to the core of EU policy and decision-making and our extensive network of contacts gives Octopux Consulting a privileged access to intelligence on EU funding and EU developments as they happen.

We offer an extensive package of EU services to clients covering not only EU funding and lobbying. In addition, Octopux Consulting is an expert in Brussels on EU funding, project opportunities and delivery, a service even the largest and best known consultancies cannot match. Our services are provided by our highly-skilled team of European consultants to our clients operating essentially in scientific, research, economic, business and trade sectors.

As an independent consultancy, Octopux Consulting is that rare entity in the prevailing trend of large consultancies, which allows us to be flexible. Independent and compact, but with partners throughout Europe, we can offer individual, tailor-made packages for our clients while keeping costs competitive and our services negotiable.

Committed to the highest professional standards, integrity and innovation are key to our service to clients and in our relations with the European Institutions. We are dedicated to delivering beyond expectations.



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Ms Daniela Gomes
Managing Director 

Ofis fr Information Communication Consulting and Trade Turkey

Private/SME. Ankara.

Activities/sectors:Learning Management System development, management and implementation , intelligent learning, Advanced management of web application. Web information mining, filtering and retrieval, content and knowledge repositories. Networking. Statistical Analysis, Data processing.

Conducting Needs Assessment (Problem Analysis), Types of E-learning Design and Training (M or U learning), Integrated E-learning Applications, Multimedia for learning, Knowledge Management and Learning with Instructional Design Models, Instructional Technologies in Education, business and Industry, Distance Education, Planning Instructional Project Management for managing Instructional design Projects.

Development Lifelong learning Strategies, Human Performance Technology Development, Teacher Development, Evaluation in Instructional Design.

Instructional Design Applications in Business and Industry, Professional Development, Measurement and Evaluation Applications in Education, Developing e-learning materials for Schools and Industry, Re-organizational design and training for companies and organizations. Development of Training Programs for business, Industry and Schools.

Solving Instructional and non-instructional problems for organizations. Interactive Multimedia Design for Instruction, Computer-Based Instruction (CBI), Instructional Software Design and Development, Internet-WEB Based Instruction, Visual Literacy, Visual learning design, Types of Literacy, Message Design, Information and communication Technologies (ICT), Instructional Material Design and Development, Using Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs), Teaching Complex Technical Skills, Computer-Based tools for Instructional Design, Rapid Instructional Design, Development of Learning-Teaching Strategies,

Applying Teaching-Learning Theories and New IDT Approaches.

Web Application Development (C/C++ Programming Language, PHP Programming Language, Python Programming Language, Ruby Programming Language, Serverside Javascript),Relational Database Management Systems (MySQL, Sqlite3),NoSQL Database Systems (MongoDB), Application User Interface Design (Photoshop, Gimp, XHTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3) ,Linux .

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Mrs Gunseli Ozkan
LinkedIn logo Manager 
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