Ghent University, Department of Textiles Belgium

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Professor Paul KIEKENS
Head of Department of Textiles 
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ICCS Greece

The Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of National Technical University of Athens has completed twenty one years of scientific activity in 2011.

Since 2001, it constitutes an officially founded laboratory, aiming at serving educational and research needs in the field of Biomedical Engineering and its applications, mainly in the following scientific sectors:

  • biomechanics
  • trustworthy information systems in healthcare
  • clinical mechanics
  • medical imaging - biosignals and image processing
  • biosensors
  • telematics
  • medical informatics
  • neural networks
  • ultrasound technology 
  • virtual reality
  • rehabilitation technology - robotics and automations

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Dr Kostas Giokas
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Independent Expert Turkey

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Mr Kemal İNCE
Mr Kemal İNCE
Project Expert 
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Institute of Philosophy and Sociology Polish Academy of Sciences Poland

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology is one of research centres of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN). The Institute’s primary objective is to carry out advanced research in philosophy and sociology as well as in cognitive and communication fields. Apart from its research activity the Institute is engaged in education, publishing and popularisation of science. In 2004 IFiS PAN gained the status of  Centre of perfection granted by the Ministry of Science and Informatization, as the first – and so far the only – institute in the First Department (of Social Sciences) of PAN.

Galia Chimiak and the other researchers from the Civil Society Department at IFiS PAN focus on issues related to civil society and the third sector; social innovations and social entrepreneurship; international development cooperation.

Dr Galia Chimiak
Dr Galia Chimiak
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ISR, University of Reading United Kingdom

ISR has a track record of research and innovation in the following technology areas with leading contributions to many successful collaborative projects including technical and scientific leadership and coordination:

  • Computer Network Security & Trustworthy Internet of Things (IoT), secure cloud services, mobile privacy-preserving Internet-of People-Things-Services (MobiPETS-GRID)
  • Multi-modal (multi)media information retrieval, workflow and multi-agent decision support
  • Simulation and modelling, agent-behaviour-risk modelling, information management
  • Secure semantic interoperability and embedded systems-basedsolution integration for AmI
  • Multi-modal Robo-humatics©Affective Human-Computer Interaction; emotion-aware interfaces, semantic-cognitive architectures
  • Living laboratory based requirements prioritisation and usability evaluation (UI-REF)
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Mr Chattun Lallah
Mr Chattun Lallah
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Istanbul Bilgi University Turkey

As Bilgi University we are keen for international collaboration on all SSH and ICT subjects. Please find the detailed information about our University from:   We specilally search partners for the following projects: 1. SSH.2013.4.3-1. EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform We want to extend the already existing project between India-UK-Germany led by Prof Martin Bauer of London school of Economics: The project is about public understanding of science: Modern societies performs their understanding of issues in conferences, opinion polling, scoping exercises, everyday conversations and mass media coverage where the sciences are granted variable cultural authority. This Indo-European network will construct a system of science culture indicators based on news analysis and on attitude measures. Trends in science news (1990-2010; intensity, positioning, issues) are linked to trends in public attitudes to science (interest, attitude, knowledge, engagement: Eurobarometer & NCAER surveys, 1989-2010). The network mobilises and develops joint expertise in discourse analysis, computer-assisted text analysis, large scale survey research, and sophisticated statistical techniques to track the cultural authority of science.   2. SSH.2013.7.1-1. Post-carbon cities in Europe: A long-term outlook We are collaborating with Dublin City University and IBM on this project: The aim of the project is to develop a roadmap for the future post-carbon cities. For this purpose, we aim to use both classical quantitative forecasting techniques with different qualitative , semiotics and text analysis methodologies for discovering how the future post-carbon cities are imagined in the public mind.    
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Professor Ahmet Suerdem
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Istanbul Technical University Turkey

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Dr Sencer Ecer
Dr Sencer Ecer
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Istanbul University Turkey

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Miss Ipek Gumuscan
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İzmir University Turkey

Izmir University (IZU) was established by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation in 2007 as the third foundation university in Izmir. IZU currently offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the following academic units:



  • English Language Teaching
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Psychology



  • Law



  • Business Administration
  • International Relations
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Political Science and Public Administration

FACULTY OF ENGINEERING (Medium of instruction is English)

  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software Engineering

FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE (Medium of instruction is English)

  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Architecture




  • Computer Engineering (MSc, PhD)
  • Mathematics and Computer Sciences


  • Law and Economics
  • Business Administration (MBA)  

Internationalization is part of IZU’s founding strategy and great importance is attached to the promotion of the Erasmus Program, implementation of Bologna Process and enhancement of European Education and Research Areas. The International Relations Office (IRO) has been established in 2009 to coordinate internalization efforts. IZU received its Erasmus Charter in 2010. Since then, our international network and partnerships have grown quite rapidly reaching 33 cooperation protocols with agreements for student/staff mobility.

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Professor Emrah Orhun
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Izmir University of Economics Turkey

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Dr Cigdem Kentmen
Assistant Professor 
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