Mr Daniel Sáez Domingo Spain

ITI is a Reference Technological Centre specialized in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Research, Development and Innovation, offering to the computer industry the possibility of adding new technologies and capabilities developed in R&D&I projects to their products, processes or businesses. It was established in 1994 by a joint initiative of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises of Valencia (IMPIVA), and a group of companies in the information technology sector. It has a team of 150 technologists, with extensive experience in the area of interoperability, real time and complex systems, embedded systems, quality and security and reference platforms and has participated in many national and international research projects in this field, in collaboration with companies and institutions.

As a reference technology centre is part of the main structures at regional and national levels in Spain related to the generation and transference of technologies, highlighting in this sense its belonging to the Valencian Network of Technological Institutes (REDIT), composed by 14 sectors, with more than 7000 associated companies. ITI has direct links with all these sectors (Metal-mechanics, Ceramics, Plastics, Optics, Energy, Textile, ...).

Moreover, ITI is also member of national and European structures and associations related to the definition of research strategies or initiatives in different domains. Among these associations and structures can be highlighted the following: INTERVAL (, INTERPOP-VLab (  INES (, NESSI (, es.Internet (, Prometeo ( and ARTEMIS ( or Net!Works (


ITI is preparing a proposal in Objective ICT-2013.6.4 Optimising Energy Systems in Smart Cities and wants to close the consortium with a new partner acting as an ESCO.

In addition, ITI will launch a proposal in Objective ICT-2013.1.2 Software Engineering, Services and Cloud Computing and is looking for partners.

Finally, we are working on a proposal in Objective ICT-2013.6.6 Integrated personal mobility for smart cities and we are looking for mobility managers in cities and Human Machine Interface experts.

Mr Daniel Sáez Domingo
Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Director 
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Mr Giuseppe Saija Italy

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Università Guglielmo Marconi ROMA
Project Manager 

Miss Madeleine Salinger Austria

Oikodrom is a private research institute founded in 1994 by Heidi Dumreicher. It generates future images and strategies for human settlements in countries all over the world - from Europe to China and to the Mediterranean Islamic countries - under a concept of strong sustainability.
The Oikodrom-team creates mental and physical spaces where change can come about. The emerging future scenarios contribute to the creation of systemic knowledge as well as to the participatory implementation of sustainability processes in human settlements.

Oikodrom Scientific Concept/Approach:

Oikodrom follows the definition of strong sustainability as an ideal concept for actual change towards sustainable societal and material processes.

Human Settlements: The interdisciplinary research process focuses on given societal and environmental local systems, from small neighbourhoods and villages to big towns and cities.

Theory and Practice: When starting the local sustainability processes, the team generates theses and theories for the emerging research field of sustainability. Thereby we discuss the role of the scientists, and work on future scenarios and a common vocabulary - the thesaurus of sustainability.

Interdisciplinary Research: The interdisciplinary cooperation is a basic precondition for sustainability research. The complexity of societal, economical and material processes demands for scientific knowledge of several disciplines for present and future sustainability oriented changes.

Transdisciplinary Research: Sustainability research has its local expressions, and participation of dwellers is indispensable. The combination of local and scientific expert knowledge assures sustainability oriented solutions.

Multicultural Research: The multicultural research network around Oikodrom strengthens the global approach to the complex issue of sustainability.

Oikodrom works within the frame of a cooperation contract with the Vienna University . Oikodrom Research Grants:

International Research Projects:

2009-2011: HAMMAMED - Raising awareness for the Hammam as cultural heritage for the Mediterranean area and beyond

2008-2010: Va2el - Valuing Education and Experience for Local councillors in Europe

2007-2009: Organic - Organic Regional Agriculture saving the Nature in China

2005-2008: HAMMAM - Aspects and Multidisciplinary Methods of Analysis for the Mediterranean Region 2002-2005: SUCCESS - Sustainable Users Concepts for China, Engaging Scientific Scenarios

2000-2005: From Information to Knowledge; Seven theses of Sustainability

National Research Projects:

2008-2010: Mappamundi (Bady Minck), Scientific advisory

2000-2008: In the Beginning was the Eye (Bady Minck), Scientific advisory

2008: Step by Step - Migration, Sustainability und Participation

1994-1999: Westbahnhof City as a Hill; The Sustainable City Implantation: An Urban Sustanability Project together with Richard S. Levine

Junior Researcher 
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Mr Pierre Sammut Malta

AcrossLimits is a dynamic Maltese technology research and consulting SME with its roots firmly derived from the innovation and ICT sectors. In fact its core business is still centred around the areas of Internet-based solutions for business and social purposes. Our mission statement is: “Innovation for solving tomorrow’s challenges”   

The company was established in June 2001 as a limited liability company.  In the last years, AcrossLimits has diversified and now is made up of three main divisions, namely Technology, European projects and Education. 

AcrossLimits has been working in the following technology areas for over 10 years thanks to its participation in European funded research projects: web and mobile application development, knowledge management, search engines, eLearning platforms, digital content management, ambient assisted living and of course project management both from a technical and an administrative nature. 

AcrossLimits operates from its head office in Hamrun, Malta but has representation offices also in Palermo (Sicily), San Giovanni Rotondo (Puglia – Southern Italy), Brussels (Belgium) and Lulea (Sweden)

Relevant skills/experience/technologies

AcrossLimits has different teams of developers for both Unix/Linux and Windows platforms and this enables us to provide a complete integration of various components making us also strong in interoperability issues. We have been instrumental in the infant stages of e-commerce in Malta creating payment gateways, large online retailers and working in collaboration with local and foreign banks.

Web development is still strong within our technical division, although nowadays we focus also on integration with social networks, mobile application development for iPhone and Android and a higher level of interactivity online with the inclusion of user generated content. 

Within eLearning we specialise in the creation of virtual learning environments including online training, curriculum-based courses and instructional design using the latest rich-media technologies integrated with virtual classes, distance learning, mobile apps and collaborative team applications.

AcrossLimits is also working on telecare platforms and solutions to increase the effectiveness of current social-health care services and permit the setting up of innovative service models. This exploits the potential and synergies of different technologies able to support disabled and elderly people (home automation, assistive technologies and telemedicine), within a cooperative working environment shared by different stakeholders and caregivers. A subsidiary company called Cogknow focuses on providing solutions for people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s, keeping them independent for longer in their own homes.

From its ICT consulting division, AcrossLimits’ expertise is very much in promotion of innovative technologies and commercialisation of their own and third party solutions in the countries around the Mediterranean, North Europe and Scandinavia. In fact it participates in trade fairs related to ICT solutions and works together with a whole network of resellers, consultants and vendors within these regions.

Projects in this area


FLUID-WIN developed a technology platform which can seamlessly integrate and transfer data among business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing networks and their interactions with the logistics and financial service providers in order to enhance the competitiveness of the whole business sector in Europe and to make the business processes as efficient as possible

COGKNOW DayNavigator is a holistic solution that assists persons with dementia within their own homes and outside. It gives increased independence and quality of life, while giving carers much needed relief not having to monitor the person with dementia so much. The service can easily be customised to address the individual needs of each person and their carers, for memory support, helping with daily activities, maintaining social contacts and increased safety

Michelangelo works on assessing and treating the Austistic Spectrum Disorder in children in a more “natural” home environment where non-obtrusive techniques will be used. It is expected to have impacts  from the medical, social and economic perspectives. The results of its research work will be validated through an exploratory study with autistic children in France and in Italy.

Establish is a research project on how Inquiry Based Science Education can be used with students in secondary schools in order to stimulate their motivation in learning Biology, Chemistry and Physics. An online set of teaching resources is being created with partners from 11 countries.

Language on the go (LANGO) is creating an iPhone and Facebook application in order to teach languages (Maltese, Greek, Bulgarian and Russian) at beginner’s level.  The app gives a 10 minute lesson every day, peppering a whole year with cultural information including feasts, proverbs, important people etc

Other services

  • Research Assistance & Desk Studies – AcrossLimits can provide a much needed helping hand for all research projects if they fall within one of our main areas - Informatics, Social Affairs, Business Development and Ambient Assisted Living. We also have the ability of performing desk studies, statistical analyses and online surveys across Europe and beyond.
  • Education & Training - AcrossLimits education services are split into digital education (elearning) and Face-to-Face tuition. Our team of qualified tutors and instructors not only focus on technical ICT subjects, but also on business and entrepreneurship based topics in a variety of languages
  • EU Project Management – We can give a holistic service that includes looking for best approaches to submit a proposal, forming consortia, proposal writing, negotiations with the European Commission and most importantly project management and reporting during project lifetime.

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AcrossLimits Ltd
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Mr Dusan Sandor Belgium

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Perm.Repr.of Slovak EU
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Mr Rodrigo Sanz Spain

International technological engineering focused to turn Innovation into the key factor of the global competitiveness of Companies and Administrations.

•We Work with and for: Industrial and Services Companies, Technological Centres, Regional, National and European Administrations. •We Innovate in the industrial sectors, services, energy, logistics, transport and environment. •We Apply high value-added technologies offering comprehensive services of Engineering. •We are Formed by a multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience in innovation and new technologies. •We Collaborate closely with a wide network of Universities, Technological Centres and leading technological companies.

Offices and subsidiaries:

Spain: Valladolid (Main office), Madrid

Brazil: Sao Paulo


•Commercial developments: •WINDAQ®: monitoring of energy and environmental variables to assist decision-making and improvement in management. •ACTIV FLOOR®: Generation of electricity from bio-mechanical energy with piezoelectric materials. •In progress (time to market end.2012) Logistics and transport location and rating in real time (SIGBIO®, ZIGLOCK®). SmartCity management platform (Intelcity®). Energy Harvesting solutions (VORTEX®, STEP). Augmented Virtual Reality colaborative environment (PERSEO®)

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Mr Rodrigo Sanz
Abaccus Soluciones e Innovacion
Project Manager R&D 
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Mrs Begüm Sargın Turkey


Dr Faruk SARI Turkey

C Tech Bilisim Teknolojileri A.S. (C2Tech) is an R&D based SME located in the Technology Free Zone of TUBITAK, Istanbul, Turkey.  C2TECH is a solution provider in information technologies that has brought together specialists with profound experience and qualified infrastructure. C2Tech is specialized in design, development, and system integration of; Network Packet Processing and Cyber Defense, Modeling and Simulation, Multi Sensor Information Fusion, Video Streaming, Enterprise Network and Security Solutions.

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C Tech Bilisim
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Mr Burak SATAR Turkey

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Uludag University
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Dr Selin Sayek Turkey

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Bilkent University
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